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Please Consider Completing Our Online Survey, Outlining Your Revelations Experience

Extraordinary Revelations Survey

1. What is your age
2. Education Level
3. At what age did you first experience a revelation?
4. Were you raised in a religion as a child?
4.2 If yes, please select which religion you were raised in.
5. As a child, do you remember hearing about family members or other ordinary people, as opposed to saints recognized by a church, having revelations?
6. If other family members had revelations, were you told the details of the revelations?
7. Do you feel that your revelations are related to your family's revelations in any way?
8. Are you currently a practicing member of a religious denomination?
8.2 If yes, please select which religion you currently observe/practice.
9. Can you estimate how many revelations you have had or, if they are frequent, what the frequency of them has been for you?
10. Did you feel that a message(s) was/were imparted to you when you experienced a revelation(s)?
11. If a message(s) was/were imparted to you in your revelation(s), was it about something personal to you, about insights concerning other people, or both?
12. What is your understanding of the source of your revelation(s)?
13. When did your revelation(s) occur?
14. Please indicate the kinds of revelation(s) you have experienced:
15. Did your revelation(s) occur at a:
16. Do you consider yourself currently to be a religious person?
16.2 If yes, do you feel that your revelation(s) is an integral part of your religious viewpoint or separate from your religious beliefs?
17. How would you define your revelation(s)?
18. Have you shared your revelation(s) with:
19. Do you feel you were chosen to have a revelations experience?
19.2 If yes, do you wonder why you were chosen?
20. Please select any/all of the following to describe how you feel about having had a revelations experience:
21. Do you feel that you fully understand the revelations experience(s) that you've had?
22. Has it been helpful to find out about other people's revelations experiences in this book?
23. Would you like to continue to learn more about other people's revelations experiences?
24. How did you find out about taking this survey?

Thank you for participating in this survey, which will help to support and enlighten all of us who have had extraordinary revelations. If you know others who have had these kinds of experiences, will you please forward this link to them -

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