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Image by Carlos Machado


In this site and the book that this site is built on, we are exploring together how to share and discuss, in a way that is direct and unafraid, personal revelations experiences that come to us from outside of ourselves, sear themselves into our souls and often have a personal message for us.

Here we can begin to understand, accept and normalize our extraordinary experiences.

The Survey

The purpose of this project is to gather ground-breaking numbers on people in the general population who experience various kinds of extraordinary revelations, hoping to create more opportunities for open discussion on this intimidating topic. Please share your experiences by participating in the multiple-choice survey!

The Book

Extraordinary Revelations to Ordinary People features 76 revelations testimonies from 25 individuals, with 27 illustrative art photographs. Come explore their unique, but often related, revelations experiences, a subject that is rarely discussed or explored publicly. Be prepared to be deeply engaged, profoundly moved, and genuinely mystified! Available at

The Blog

Subscribe to the blog and get Lee Paine’s notifications regarding the latest posts on Revelations experiences such as Visitations from Deceased Relatives, Jesus, Saints and Angels, as well as Near-Death Experiences, Living After Dying, Souls Departing, Meaningful Signs, Glimpses of Heaven, Interactions with Evil, and so many other amazing topics.

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